The seminar “Introduction to the Java Programming Language – SCJP” is organized by the specialized high-tech company Digital Academy created by the Group of Lecturers of the NTUA Multimedia Technology Laboratory. It is an intensive seminar that is carried out exclusively with the method of Distance Learning (e-learning), allowing the learner to follow a high-level scientific training program from his home, his office, or from the place of his choice and at the time of his choice, via Internet. The program has been designed in such a way by the Laboratory, so as to combine high-level theoretical knowledge but also ways of designing and implementing object-oriented applications using the popular Java programming language, which, with the independence from the hardware system that characterizes it, has brought real revolution in the creation of applications both for the internet (internet) and intranets (intranets).

The seminar consists of 10 modules that are completed over a period of approximately 4 weeks and corresponds to 140-160 hours of lessons.