The Company

About us

Our people are Graduated Computer Engineers, graduates of Polytechnic Schools with a Master's Degree and/or Teaching Thesis in Information and Communication Technologies. They are the people who, as lecturers, in the last ten years developed the hardware, software tools and methodology, on which the e-learning seminars of the Multimedia Technology Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens were based.

People around a table

Our Vision

Today, this particular group of scientists, following closely the international developments in the development of mobile applications, as well as the growing needs of the labor market, created the “Digital Academy“, a specialized high-tech company, “Spin Off” of the National Technical University of Athens.

It stands out for its scientific excellence, the high quality and reliability of its services and is a strategic partner of well-known companies in the Greek market.


Years of experience in the field of IT and telecommunications


Scientists specializing in information systems