A modern solution for Computerization, Assignment of routes to drivers, Improvement of Provided Services

A complete vehicle fleet management system for Transfer companies with Minivans - Vip Buses, Shuttle Limo, Minibus

Detailed Itinerary Tab

Configuration and management of all necessary route information according to the user's role. FROM-TO information, driver, vehicle, supplier, transport cost and payment status, passenger details are available to all your partners.

Post Routes from your Website

Automate your route management. Get the ability to post itineraries on your website and manage assignment and scheduling from your mobile, tablet or computer. Customers can easily book and pay for itineraries from your website. This information is also available in IconicGuest Transfer, avoiding double entries and mistakes.

Economic Tab of Suppliers and Drivers

Automated capture of financial data related to suppliers and partners. With IconicGuest Transfer you are given the possibility to organize the financial management to drivers and suppliers regardless of whether it is salaried or on commission. With IconicGuest Transfer we give you the possibility to choose not only the calendar range of use you want but also by driver and supplier.

Route Calendar

Easily see your planned future trips in a calendar environment with all the necessary details such as vehicle, driver and payment status.

Live Vehicle Tracking

With IconicGuest Transfer's software, you can see live where your vehicle is and the route it has followed depending on the day and time range you choose. This specific service can also be implemented through selected hardware which is connected to the vehicle.

Coordinating your routes and assigning a route to a driver.

Automatic calculation of balances for suppliers and drivers.

Multiple options for accepting payments.

Iconic Transfer - The Solution to Vehicle Fleet Management

The new Software for travel agencies and transport companies with MiniVans – VIP Buses, Shuttle Limo Transfer, Minibus.

A complete vehicle fleet management system for Transfer companies with MiniVans – VIP Buses, Shuttle Limo Transfer, Minibus, tourist offices etc.

• Creation of Detailed Itinerary Card with list of passengers (voucher), vehicle, driver, payment status.

• Automatic Registration of Itineraries from your website.

• Automated Cash Management of Suppliers and Drivers.

• Live Route Calendar for easy planning.

• Possibility to access Guides through an application on mobile, tablet and web browser.

• Live Vehicle Tracking.

Connecting the Iconic Transfer application to your business website.

Multiple options for accepting payments.