Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to teach learners the capabilities of the PHP framework Laravel through a series of 11 training modules that cover everything one needs to know to start developing web applications based on Laravel.

The organization of the teaching of the course has been done with the consideration that the trainees either have previous contact with Web technologies (HTML, PHP, CSS), or not, as the teaching of the Laravel framework starts from scratch. During the educational modules, reference is also made to basic functionalities of Web technologies. Of course, in order for the trainees to be able to attend the seminar, they must have basic knowledge of operating Windows.

The training is designed to quickly learn PHP framework Laravel its features and capabilities. During the seminar, 2 projects are presented. In the 1st project, the development of a website with donations is presented, combining various knowledge that the trainee will have received from the previous modules. The 2nd and final project presents the implementation of a platform with User Registration (Registration) and User Login (Login) combining the knowledge of all modules. The projects are designed in such a way that the trainees see not only at a theoretical level, but also at a practical level how they can combine the functionalities provided by Laravel. The tutorial uses version 5.1 of the Laravel framework.