Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the course is to teach learners the basic capabilities of the Android SDK through a series of 10 training modules that cover everything one should know to start developing integrated applications for the popular platform.

The seminar in question belongs to the advanced ones provided by Digital Academy and in order to be able to attend it successfully, the prospective student should first of all have experience in programming in Java and additional knowledge of writing XML texts. The material provided and the teaching modules have been designed with this in mind and therefore prospective learners will need to certify their knowledge of Java programming in one of the following two ways in order to be selected:

They have successfully attended the ‘Introduction to Java Programming Language’ course also provided by Digital Academy.

They work as Software Engineers in some private company or as freelancers.

For those who have no programming experience in Java and still want to work on Android application implementation, we recommend that they first attend the “Introduction to Java Programming Language” course and then the “Introduction to Android Application Development” course by taking advantage of the discount provided by Digital Academy.

During the tutorial, software for the Windows platform is used and provided on the accompanying CD, however, users of other operating systems (Unix, Linux) can also follow the tutorial by installing the software themselves for the platform of their choice.

The training is designed for immediate learning of the platform’s capabilities and key features while focusing on analyzing the most basic features of the Android SDK and the correct methodology for developing applications for the popular platform.