premium: Introduction to Android App Development


The seminar “Introduction to Android Application Development” is organized by the specialized high-tech company Digital Academy created by the Team of Lecturers of the NTUA Multimedia Technology Laboratory. It is an intensive seminar that is carried out exclusively with the method of Distance Learning (e-learning), allowing the learner to follow a high-level scientific training program Introduction

Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the course is to teach learners the basic capabilities of the Android SDK through a series of 10 training modules that cover everything one should know to start developing integrated applications for the popular platform. The seminar in question belongs to the advanced ones provided by Digital Academy and in order to Purpose of the seminar

After the seminar

At the end of the seminar, the trainee should: Critical thinking, design initiative and the ability to implement Android applications will be developed thanks to the ready-made programs provided by the instructors as well as the weekly assignments.



According to our training program, the material is divided into 10 training units corresponding to 10 teaching weeks and the program is completed with a final assignment. The program uses the latest version of the free software (open source) Moodle, which is based on the PHP programming platform. The online courses are hosted on private Methodology