Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the course is to teach learners the basic capabilities of the platform through a series of 10 training modules that cover everything one should know to start developing websites based on Joomla!

The organization of the teaching of the course has been done considering that the trainees have no previous contact with Web technologies (HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.) and therefore, the teaching starts from scratch. However, in order to be able to attend the seminar, the trainees should have at least the basic knowledge of operating one of the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

The training is designed to quickly learn Joomla! Web CMS and its main features. It focuses on the detailed analysis of the most important features of the platform and at the same time properly prepares the trainee to be able to combine them and develop a modern, elegant and functional website that provides its users with all the desired functions. In the course of the seminar, 1 case study of the implementation of a complete website based on Joomla is presented so that the trainees can see in practice the workflow required for the implementation of a complete site, and on the other hand how they can choose and combine the functions of the platform that they wish on a case-by-case basis. During the training, version 3.0.x of the Joomla! platform is used.