Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to learn the capabilities of ASP.NET within 10 training modules, so that the learner is able to start or participate in the development of Web applications. The organization of the teaching has been done with the consideration that the trainees have no contact with ASP.NET but have basic computer knowledge, and rudimentary programming knowledge. Also, in order for the trainees to be able to attend the seminar they should have a computer with a Windows operating system so that they can install Visual Web Developer 2010 Express (available for free), which is the basic tool for developing such applications and on which the seminar is supported. Finally, they should also have knowledge of the English language as the seminar is based on material written in English, supported of course by notes in Greek. The training is designed for immediate learning of the ASP.NET language and its main features. The course focuses on getting familiar with the language through practical application with a series of examples and tasks to implement, so that the learner becomes fluent in both writing programs and reading.