On-the-go: Introduction to the Linux Operating System


The “Linux Administration” seminar is organized by the specialized high-tech company Digital Academy, created by the Group of Lecturers of the Multimedia Technology Laboratory of E.M.P. It is an intensive seminar that is carried out using the Distance Learning method, giving the learner the opportunity to follow a high-level scientific training program from his home, Introduction

Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the seminar is both to learn how to use operating systems with a Linux kernel for daily use, and to learn basic concepts for managing a Linux server. The course starts from scratch with no prior experience of Linux/Unix systems required from the trainees. The training was designed with the goal of Purpose of the seminar

After the seminar

After the seminar the trainee will be able to:


The seminar includes the following thematic sections:


According to our educational program, the material is divided into 10 educational units corresponding to 12-15 teaching weeks and the program is concluded with a final exam. The distance learning program is based on the latest version of the free software (open source) Moodle, which is implemented on the PHP & MySQL programming platform. The Methodology