Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the course is to teach students the basic capabilities of Java through a series of 10 training modules that cover everything one should know to start programming applications in Java. The organization of the teaching of the course has been done considering that the students have no previous contact with Java or any other programming language and therefore, the teaching starts from scratch. However, in order to be able to attend the seminar, the trainees should have at least the basic knowledge of operating Windows, which is the operating system of choice for it. Users of other operating systems (Unix, Linux) can also follow the tutorial by installing the software of their choice themselves. The training is designed for immediate learning of the Java programming language and its key features. It focuses on the detailed analysis of the characteristics of the language and with this method the learner is properly prepared for the development of relevant applications. Special emphasis is placed on learning the language correctly, and for this reason both the code you will encounter in the notes and presentations closely follows the rules of good practice established by the programming community for creating “clean” and easy-to-read programs. Also, from the Winter teaching semester of 2009, it is possible for the trainees, after completing the seminar, and for those who wish, to take another step towards the official certification of Sun Microsystems for Java, by participating and successfully passing the corresponding test. So, all the required components that the candidate should know, as defined by Sun Microsystems, have been included and fully covered in the syllabus. During the training, the Java 6 SE platform is used to implement and test Java programs.