Each module contains training videos in Greek that will help learners better understand and learn the Flash CS4 program.

Unit 1: Introduction to Multimedia and Flash CS4

  • Introduction to multimedia
  • Introduction to Flash CS4
  • First contact with Flash CS4

Unit 2: Getting Started with Flash CS4 Design Tools

  • Detailed description of Flash CS4 tools
  • Creating the first static image.

Unit 3: Using the Flash CS4 Symbols and Library

  • Working with the Library framework
  • Create, edit and use symbols
  • Import and edit external image

Unit 4: Creating Animations

  • Using the timeline and understanding frames
  • Creating animations with the frame-by-frame and tweening method
  • Using the Mask technique

Unit 5: Introduction to ActionScript

  • Understanding of basic concepts
  • Using the Action Frame
  • Place actions on the Timeline
  • Using frame tags

Unit 6: Creating and Using Buttons

  • Create buttons that change during user interaction
  • Use buttons to control movie playback
  • Ability to connect to an external website

Unit 7: Creating and Using Movie Clips

  • Create, edit and use movie clips
  • Understanding snapshot names
  • View clips of animated film

Section 8: Adding Audio

  • Import and edit audio files
  • Placing sounds on the timeline
  • Audio behavior and performance control

Unit 9: Working with Video

  • Understanding the basics of working with video in Flash CS4
  • Use the Video Import wizard to import and convert video files
  • Control video playback in the timeline