After the seminar

After the seminar the trainee will be able to:

  1. Analyze and understand a very wide range of networks, their topologies, their operation, their addressing, as well as how they are routed.
  2. It uses the theoretical knowledge it will acquire creatively to provide solutions to basic problems of designing and studying Computer Networks (network design, congestion analysis, bridge-hub choice, routing analysis etc) as well as problems related to Internet Technologies (FTP, Tracert, ping, performance analysis, socket control, netstat, TCP/IP, SMTP, email services, http etc).
  3. Draws simple floor plans of Computer Networks, composes topologies and gives design solutions, with critical thinking, to real Network problems, with the help of special design software (Microsoft Visio 2003)
  4. To understand the simple operation, the possible problems but also to give simple solutions regarding various corporate local networks (Security, Firewalls, Proxy Server, File-Printer Sharing).
  5. To develop critical thinking and simple planning and problem-solving initiative regarding local PC Networks, the various Internet Technologies and their extensions (e-commerce, m-commerce etc).