After the seminar

After the seminar, the trainee will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the basic concepts involved in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as “projection system”, “scale”, “raster”, “vector”, etc.
  • Understand and recognize the components of any implemented GIS system
  • Recognize and use the basic functions of any GIS software
  • Identify problems related to Spatial Data and analyze them based on GIS techniques and capabilities
  • Create, collect, organize and synthesize data from different sources, including GPS devices and the Internet
  • Identify problems in data in a timely manner, and improve/fix/normalize data
  • Develop simple GIS solutions (such as displaying data on a map) as well as more advanced ones (such as spatial data analysis for use in decision-making)
  • Create understandable and tasteful thematic maps using GIS software, choosing the most appropriate technique for each case
  • To know the current trends and developments in the field of GIS
  • To be able to join any stage of an organization’s GIS production process, with the least possible need for training

After successfully attending the seminar, the learner will have all the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be successfully certified by ECDL in the field of “Geographic Information Systems (GIS)”.