premium: SPSS: Statistical applications and data analysis


The seminar “SPSS: Statistical applications and data analysis” is organized by the specialized high-tech company Digital Academy created by the Group of Lecturers of the NTUA Multimedia Technology Laboratory. This is an intensive seminar that is carried out through the Distance Learning method, giving the learner the flexibility to follow a comprehensive data analysis learning Introduction

Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the seminar is: The basic aim is for the trainee to be able to carry out a statistical analysis, having a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the program’s capabilities. In this way, he can handle the available data in various ways and answer research questions according to his own requirements and needs.

After the seminar

The significant development of research nowadays in every field (e.g., medicine, sociology, engineering, etc.) combined with the increased needs for the correct execution of data analysis strategies makes SPSS an easy-to-use and functional software in hands of any researcher of any specialty. Upon completion of the seminar, the trainee can be employed in positions related After the seminar


The seminar is structured in 10 main thematic sections:


According to our educational program, the material is divided into 10 educational units corresponding to 15 teaching weeks. Each unit is accompanied by the corresponding exercise in order to assimilate the teaching material. The program concludes with a final exam. The distance learning program is based on the latest version of the free software (open Methodology