premium: Introduction to Autocad 2010 2D


The seminar “Introduction to Autocad 2010 2D” is organized by the specialized high-tech company Digital Academy created by the Group of Lecturers of the NTUA Multimedia Technology Laboratory. It is an intensive seminar that is carried out through the Distance Learning method, giving the learner the flexibility to follow a complete digital design learning program Introduction

Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to become familiar with digital design through the AutoCAD 2010 program, which is one of the most basic computer design programs. The basic aim is for the trainee to be able to carry out a complete two-dimensional architectural or engineering design, having a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Purpose of the seminar

After the seminar

Nowadays, the digitization of design has prevailed and Autocad is becoming an essential tool in the hands of engineers of any specialty. Upon completion of the seminar, the trainee can be employed in positions related to the digital design of architectural, mechanical, static, topographical, energy and other studies, as well as use the knowledge provided After the seminar


The seminar is structured in 10 main thematic sections: 1. Familiarization with the working environment of the program This section is essentially the first introduction to the program. That is, the guidelines for managing the program options are given and the basic concepts and functions of the program are explained. 2. Using the basic commands and Topics


According to our educational program, the material is divided into 10 educational units corresponding to 15 teaching weeks. Each module is accompanied by the corresponding exercise – project with the aim of assimilating the teaching material. The program concludes with a final exam. The distance learning program is based on the latest version of the Methodology